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Freebay are shrink-wrapped with a certificate, which results in a bank card format and is delivered in this manner. This packaging combined with a unique 3-D effect of the hologram, gives the gold bars their extraordinary design. Freebay gold bars are not only gold bars, but they are frequently bought as a fascinating and distinctive present and are becoming increasingly popular. Freebay are available in sizes 1g, 2.5g, 5g. The Freebay differ from ordinary gold bars in that they have a hologram at the back. At the front they are embossed with the fineness and weight of the gold bars. In addition Freebay are equipped with the inscription "fine gold" and a assayer's mark and a melting mark. The clear advantage with Freebay lies in the ability of resale. With the certificate, the hologram and the contained gold, which is exclusively produced by suppliers and refineries, that are listed on the LBMA, we offer our customers a high level of security for Freebay gold bars.
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